Robofusion Ice Cream Announces Partnership with Stoelting, LLC

(Charleston, SC) – Robofusion Ice Cream has announced that it has finalized an agreement with Stoelting, LLC (Kiel, Wisconsin) to build the Robofusion Ice Cream Robotic Kiosks. Robofusion Ice Cream and Stoelting have been collaborating for some time and Stoelting has always provided the ice cream freezer technology inside Robofusion Ice Cream Kiosks.

This partnership provides us the perfect company to build the Robofusion Ice Cream Kiosks,” says Allan Jones, CEO and Founder, “Stoelting has been a leader in ice cream technology and has always been known to be the innovator in this industry with their focus on technology and future opportunities.”

Robofusion Ice Cream Robotic Kiosks allow customers to design their own five layer ice cream and candy treat on a touchscreen, push “Go” and watch a robot prepare their treat in less than 2 minutes. The experience is further customized by the robotic character that is chosen to help prepare the treat. It is completely self-contained, including the souvenir cup, and plays robotic music during the performance. Robofusion Ice Cream Kiosks, in addition to giving customers control of the design and customization of their own treat, give them access to a real robot that they program by using the fun touchscreen. Robofusion Ice Cream offers the only robotic ice cream kiosks in the world.

Robofusion Ice Cream, LLC, founded in 2006 is on a mission to make life just a bit more fun. Combining technology and ice cream, Robofusion Ice Cream puts smiles on kids’ faces. Robofusion Ice Cream is headquartered in Charleston, SC.