Thank you to everyone for making the IAAPA convention a phenomenal success for us!

The response that we had was overwhelming and our Robofusion Ice Cream Kiosk caused quite the bottleneck in the floor space around us. During the show, we served over 900 treats as the Kiosk worked virtually non-stop from opening to close each day.

What you experienced at the show is only our beginning. Over the coming months, we will be launching our newly re-platformed Kiosks that raises the bar on innovation and offers the following enhancements:

  • Significantly reduced Kiosk footprint – from 45 to 24 Square Feet
  • Improved Cycle Time – from 90 Seconds down to 60 seconds / treat
  • Prepackaged Ice Cream Delivery Option – greatly simplifying cleaning
  • Frozen Yogurt Branded Design Option – appealing to the upscale consumer
  • Increased Flavor Options – offer up to 6 Flavors of Ice Creams or Yogurt
  • Compelling Unified Kiosk Design – an eye-catching kiosk design that demands attention of passing consumers

Together, these improvements give Robofusion a Step Change in the design and delivery of frozen treats. Nothing on the market comes close to the user experience that we can offer your customers.

As a member of our community, we want to give you a glimpse into our near-term future and share with you our next-gen Kiosks that will revolutionize the Kiosk market place. Robofusion is not the Frozen Desert of the Future… it is the Consumer Delivery Technology of Today… Main Stream… Multiplatform… and Proven.

Visit our website today at to learn and download more.

We look forward to partnering with you to bring Robofusion to your customers.

Call or email today to set up a time for us to review the potential for Robofusion for you.

Jim Whitmore
COO & SVP Business Development
+1 843-276-5395