Robofusion Announces Sponsorship Of The 2012 Association of Science-Technologies Centers (ASTC) Conference

Robofusion, Inc. will be sponsoring this years ASTC conference, which takes place at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH, Oct.12-15.

Charleston, SC—October 1, 2012—Over the past few years, Robofusion, Inc. ( has made significant contributions to the robotics industry. Robots had previously been confined to factories with very little visibility to most of us in our every day lives. Robofusion kiosks enable people of all ages to interact with real robots.

“We are huge supporters of educating youth about science and technology. We want to excite and inspire kids of all ages on the potential of robots to make our lives more interesting and fun,” said Nick Spahn, Director of Marketing for Robofusion. “It is very rewarding for us to see a customer walk up to our kiosk for the first time, interact with it and watch a robot obey their every command.”

Robofusion is excited to sponsor and exhibit at the 2012 ASTC conference. This year there are approximately 2,000 participants representing about 300 museums and science centers across the US. This kind of exposure to the science world is a perfect stage for Robofusion’s robotic kiosks.

“Right now we are a growing company working to make a big impact on the world of robotics, and how they are used in our daily lives,” said Spahn. “To have an opportunity to present our vision to a group of people who, we think, could make a real impression, is very exciting.”

This year’s ASTC conference is sure to be much cooler with the help of robots, serving frozen yogurt.