About Robofusion

History: World’s First Robotic Ice Cream Kiosks

Robofusion®;, Inc. has developed the world’s first and only commercial Robotic Ice Cream Kiosks. Our Kiosks deliver a customer-designed 5-layer Robofusion Ice Cream. The experience involves:


You start by choosing one of 4 different Robot Characters. This programs the robotic movements, animation effects, music and sounds. Then you design your 5-layer ice cream and candy Robofusion Ice Cream and hit “GO.”


Watching the Robotic Arm prepare your treat right in front of you is half the fun. The Robot grabs your souvenir cup and fills it with the ice cream and candy toppings that you just chose. Your Robofusion Ice Cream is then delivered to you by the robot.


Go ahead. Enjoy your Robofusion Ice Cream. Of course it tastes better – YOU designed it!

Download the Robofusion Ice Cream Brochure

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