The Red Box of Frozen Yogurt: Industry CEOs Sweating Out the Rise of Robofusion?

Red Box flipped the movie rental business on its head—and nobody saw it coming. Now the same is happening in the yogurt industry thanks to the hip blend of color, creativity, and state-of-the-art technology spun by Robofusion, Inc. ( ).

Charleston, SC – September 21, 2012 — It’s the kind of socially hip development that makes CEOs sweat. The kind of thing that one person mentions, then another, then another—and before the world knows it, an entire business model goes the way of the dinosaur while a rockstar replacement arises. Red Box did it in the movie rental business. Now Robofusion is doing it in the yogurt business, albeit coyly.

“That’s not something we can comment on at this time,” said a high-ranking Robofusion employee on the condition of anonymity. “Red Box is an amazing product. We are flattered to be compared to such a successful innovation.”

That product is Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt kiosks ( ), which can best be summed up in a phrase: “Let a Robot serve you Yogurt.”

The process is as simple as one-two-three:

1) Customers tap in what they’d like on their four-layer treat.

2) Next, they choose a “robot character” on the touchscreen to build it for them.

3) Then they smile as a robotic arm swings here and there while creating a cup of fresh frozen yogurt goodness. Continue reading

Robotic kiosk taking self-service to next level

A robot-making ice cream server may sound like science fiction, but it’s not fiction. Allan Jones, CEO of Robofusion, believes his ice cream kiosks will change the way retailers sell ice cream.

Robofusion is a self-service kiosk that allows users to create their own five-layered ice cream treat without employee assistance. Once designed, the Robot puts on a show by getting a souvenir cup and filling it to customers’ exact specifications, Jones said. (Click HERE to watch a demo.)
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